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Christian, tell me why God even bothers to give us a choice? Why not create us incapable of disobedience? Why not make Himself so obvious that everyone would automatically obey? And why, if He gives a choice, does He make it so terrible to choose incorrectly?
Because…It’s not really love if it’s not given freely.

God’s nature is to love…abundantly, unconditionally, completely.  He created us so that we could reflect that love back to him.

God could (and did) make unlovable objects: rocks, water, mountains.  No matter how much love He or anyone else was to direct at them, it wouldn’t matter.  They would just sit there, unmoved.  Not very fulfilling!

God could (and did) make creatures that know nothing but obedience to Him.  All of the animal world fits into this category.  There is no concept of a dog “sinning”, since the dog has no sense of self-determination.  It just does what it does, without any real choice in the matter.  It doesn’t decide whether to obey God or return His love; that’s just a fact of its life.

So God could (and did) make a creature that knew itself to be independent.  He made a creature that had a real choice: It didn’t have to accept His love, or love Him back…and it knew that.  So, when a human does choose to accept and love God, that love is really meaningful.  In fact, that is precisely why He created us: to receive and reflect the love that constantly pours out of Him.

God had to make us capable of rejecting Him.  Any other kind of creature would not suit His purpose.  And He has to honor the free will He gave us; He has decreed that our freedom is as sacred and inviolate as His very Word.  That explains why He doesn’t present Himself so overwhelmingly that we cannot help but acknowledge Him: To do so would be to deny our free will.  He must give us a choice.

As to why the results of our choice, whether for Him or against Him, are so opposite, how else could it work?  If two choices both bring the same consequences, then there was never any true choice.  Free will can only be exercised when the decision really means something.  If the true question is: “Why can’t I choose to deny God whenever I like, even my entire life, and still have all the benefits that belong with accepting and loving Him?” then the answer should be obvious.  As the old saying goes: “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”! (Deuteronomy 30:19-20a)

What choice will you make? He is anxiously waiting to welcome you, if you accept Him.

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