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These articles are specialty essays specific to special occasions, such as Christmas, Easter, or other holidays.

We Three Kings

I happened to really listen to the words of this Christmas carol on the radio. I was surprised at them, so I looked them up for more details.

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Still A Great Country

This Independence Day, let’s all thank God for our country and its Constitution. Let’s also commit to living within that framework that has made the United States a leader in freedom and innovation for 246 years.

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From Despair to Joy

This Easter, imagine the difference between that Friday afternoon and that Sunday morning! The difference between “I am a sinner” and “Jesus saved me” is just as enormous.

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A Day of Thanksgiving

For this Thanksgiving 2021 post, I decided to go through my day listing things for which to be thankful. It was a joyous exercise, one that could have gone on for much longer.

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Mary’s Testimony

I wrote this in Christmas of 2019 for no particular reason. I just kind of like writing monologues. Maybe this is something like how Mary felt before her first Christmas.

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The Stone’s Story

This is a story I wrote for Easter, many years ago. It was fun thinking from the different perspective. It may be my favorite of everything I’ve written.

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