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Tag: Who Jesus Is

These articles describe what the Bible teaches about Jesus as God Himself, come to us in person to solve our sin problem for us.

High Priest

Christian, tell me why do you say that Jesus is a “High Priest”? I could understand “prophet” maybe. But “priest”?

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So Much More

Christian, tell me why do you think that Christianity is so much more than all of the world’s other religions?

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Before and After

Christian, tell me why is the Bible divided into an “Old” vs. a “New” testament? What is the difference between the two?

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Jesus’ Enemies

Christian, tell me why did people want to kill Jesus? He was a peaceful man who taught others to be loving and kind. What was wrong with that?

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We Three Kings

I happened to really listen to the words of this Christmas carol on the radio. I was surprised at them, so I looked them up for more details.

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