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Tag: Gospel/Good News

These articles describe what Christians call the “Gospel”, a word meaning good news. They explain how Jesus makes it possible for any individual who so chooses to be reconciled with God forever.

High Priest

Christian, tell me why do you say that Jesus is a “High Priest”? I could understand “prophet” maybe. But “priest”?

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So Much More

Christian, tell me why do you think that Christianity is so much more than all of the world’s other religions?

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Before and After

Christian, tell me why is the Bible divided into an “Old” vs. a “New” testament? What is the difference between the two?

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Christian, tell me why are you so sure that you are going to Heaven? What makes you think that you are good enough to be right with God?

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Christian, tell me why do you talk about “atonement”? That’s an awfully church-y word. What does it mean?

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Christian, tell me why do you talk about “redemption” or “being redeemed” or Jesus as your “Redeemer”? What do you mean by the word “redeem”?

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From Despair to Joy

This Easter, imagine the difference between that Friday afternoon and that Sunday morning! The difference between “I am a sinner” and “Jesus saved me” is just as enormous.

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