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As I say on the Home page, I am not a Bible scholar.  But I have enjoyed learning from many who are.  Below is a list of some of my favorite writers and/or writings.  I hope they give you as much pleasure and education as they have given me.

Recommended Watching

There is a TV series named “The Chosen” that gives a very rich and unique portrayal of Jesus and His disciples.  Most “Jesus” shows are only a couple of hours long, and are not always super-high-quality productions. The Chosen plans 50 or more hours of content, with top-notch writing, acting, music, cinematography, and other production values. 

The Gospels have a very specific focus, and don’t tell us much of the back-story: What the disciples’ lives were like before they met Jesus, or what they thought of this Messiah who was nothing like what they expected.  The series fills in with fictional-but-plausible stories, carefully researched to be true to the Gospel and to the historical 1st-century Jewish culture.  The result is a very human, intimate, and relatable presentation that leads the viewer to engage not just with the show, but with the Gospels themselves.

The series is available via a unique method also: An app that gives access to the videos and will screencast to common streaming devices.  It is financed in a unique way, as well.  The app and viewing are always completely free.  But there is the option to “pay it forward” so that it can remain free for the next viewer. 

The pay-it-forward contributions and merchandise purchases fund the pay-as-they-go production with no corporate financing.  As of this writing (August 2021), the first two seasons of a planned 8-season series are available.  Season 3 is financed through about episode 6 of 8; writing and set-building are in progress; filming hopes to start in Spring 2022 with release in Fall 2022. Future seasons will be financed as viewers continue to appreciate the series.

Update July 2022: Season 3 is almost finished filming and expected to start release in November.  Also, the VidAngel app is now available via direct streaming with no need for the phone app (which is still available also).

Update September 2023: Season 3 is out.  Season 4 is finished filming and now into post-production.  There is a new streaming app that is now preferred over the original one.