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Christian, tell me why are Jesus’ followers usually called “Christian” but sometimes called “disciple”? What does “disciple” mean?

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Women in the Church

Christian, tell me why the Bible says for women to be silent, wear their hair long, cover their hair, and not teach or have authority over men?

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Dress Code

Christian, tell me why you expect people to dress up for church in their “Sunday best”? You’re acting like a snob!

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Tithes and Offerings

Christian, tell me why churches are always talking about money? Are they just greedy, or do they expect people to buy their way into favor with God?

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Individually Responsible

Christian, tell me why you say that everyone is “individually responsible”? Some have lots of advantages, while others are very dis-advantaged.

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Christian, tell me why are you such a hypocrite? You think you’re better than everyone else. But I see you doing all the things you condemn in others!

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