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These articles describe why Christians behave as they do, or encourage others to behave in a certain way.


Christian, tell me why do you use the term “Pharisee” as derogatory? What does it mean?

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Hands and Feet

Christian, tell me why do you call yourself the “hands and feet” of Christ? What do you mean by that?

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Religion vs. Relationship

Christian, tell me why is Christianity different from any other religion? They all are just sets of rules and regulations to follow in order to be considered “acceptable”. What makes your to-do list any better than anyone else’s?

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Fear Not

Christian, tell me why does the Bible say we shouldn’t be afraid? The world is full of scary things!

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Watch Your Words!

Christian, tell me why does the Bible harp on speech codes so much? Why does it matter what we simply SAY, when so many are ACTING so badly and getting away with it?

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Just Passing Through

Christian, tell me why doesn’t life get you down as much as it does other people? How do you face problems without being crushed by them?

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Faith and Politics

Christian, tell me why do you try to make laws that force everyone else to live the way that you think they should? Haven’t you heard of separation of church and state?

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Love Your Enemies

Christian, tell me why didn’t Jesus hate the people who rejected and crucified him? If he is God, he should have just hurled lightning bolts and destroyed them!

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