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God Knows

It's easy to forget just how omniscient God really is.

Whatever is bothering me, whatever I think I know, whatever I’ve done…God knows about it all. He knows infinitely more than that. He sees everything. He knows all possible outcomes of all possible choices. Then He knows which choice each person will make, and how He will use that choice for His glory. Nothing is hidden, nothing can thwart Him, and nothing can stop Him from acting out His love for us.

He Knows The World

If I am distressed by all the bad things I see in the world, I realize that there are many more that I don’t know about. I’m aware of illnesses and tragedies within my circle of family and friends, and of the wars and politics that I learn about. But how much more misery is out there that I’ve never heard of?

God knows, and He keeps track of every wrong.

(Jeremiah 16:17, Matthew 10:26)

If I am encouraged by good things that I see, I also realize that there are many more of those that I don’t know about, either. I’m aware of joys and successes within my circle, and that I learn about in the world. But how much more good is happening that doesn’t reach my attention? 1

God knows, and He rejoices with every good thing.

(Jeremiah 9:23-24, Psalm 11:7, Psalm 33:5)

If I can’t see any earthly way that the good can balance the bad, I know that there is an eternal life beyond this one. How much joy will there be in Heaven? How much regret will there be in Hell? How much pain was covered by Jesus on the cross, when He defeated Hell and made a way for me to enter Heaven?

God knows, and He has promised that all will be well.

(Romans 8:28, 2 Corinthians 4:17-18)

He Knows Me

If I feel tiny, and lost, and inadequate, God says that there is more to me than I have grasped. I was designed and created for a reason. What purpose does God have for me? What gifts has He given me, that lie dormant and undeveloped? How does He want for me to contribute to His kingdom?

God knows, and He will lead me to take my part in His intricate plan.

(Psalm 139:16, Ephesians 2:10)

If I feel successful and proud of myself, I know that I have still fallen far short of what could have been. What opportunities have I missed? How much (or how little!) of my pride is justified? How ashamed will I be when I learn the truth?

God knows, and He understands my weakness and forgives my shortcomings.

(Philippians 3:7-8, Psalm 103:13-14)

If I feel like a failure, like I haven’t done nearly enough, I know that God can bring some good from my feeble efforts. Has anyone been lifted up? Has anything I’ve done shed a little bit of light on someone else?

God knows, and smiles as He blesses each baby step I take.

(Matthew 25:34-40, Isaiah 55:10-11)

He Knows Past, Present and Future

If I wonder why bad things happened, why it had to be that way, I don’t know what would have happened otherwise. If things had gone my way, what new issues would have resulted? What good would not have come about?

God knows, and no sorrow happens without His awareness.

(Matthew 10:29-31, Psalm 23:4)

If I don’t know understand what is happening in my life, if nothing makes sense, I don’t know how to resolve everything on my own. What guidance is available? How can I know what I should do?

God knows, and will provide the answers I need.

(Proverbs 3:5-6, James 1:5)

If I wonder what will happen, what the future holds, I don’t need to be concerned. Life is progressing as planned…not my plan, but His.

God knows, and has good things in store.

(Jeremiah 29:11-13, Isaiah 46:9-10)

Big or small, good or bad, God knows…and He has it all in His hands.

Footnotes and Scripture References

  1. I find the website to be helpful when I need to counteract all the bad news.