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Not Me, But God

This is my prayer for this website, and for everything I do.

If I speak, you may hear my voice,
But please receive God’s message.

He gave me the gift of speech,
And the words to say.

If I write, you may read my words…
But please learn God’s lesson.

He gave me the gift of communication,
And something of value to share.

If I sing, you may hear my song…
But please listen to God’s melody.

He gave me the gift of music,
And a reason to sing.

If I dance, you may watch my movements,
But please see God’s actions.

He gave me the gift of motion,
And the direction in which to go.

If I paint, you may view my pictures,
But please see God’s image.

He gave me the gift of art,
And the beauty to portray.

Whatever I do,
Please see God in me.

All the gifts are from Him,
And to Him belongs all the glory.


January 30, 2001