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Tag: What God is Like


I have always found it easier to accept God’s infinite power than His infinite love. Power is obvious in Creation. But love? That seems too good to be true, but the Bible insists that it IS true. This prayer is my response of praise to Him.

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Trinity and Incarnation

Christian, tell me why you refer to “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”, yet still say that there is only one God? Why do you say that Jesus is the Son of God, but you also say that He is God Himself? Why don’t you make up your mind?!

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Infinitely Valuable

Christian, tell me why you think that everyone is “infinitely valuable”? Some contribute much more to the world than others!

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Un-created God

Christian, tell me why you say everything must have had a Creator, yet God is eternal and un-created? Aren’t you breaking your own rules?

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Christian, tell me why God even bothers to give us a choice? Why not create us incapable of disobedience? Why not make Himself so obvious that everyone would automatically obey? And why, if He gives a choice, does He make it so terrible to choose incorrectly?

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